“In Data Science, 80% of time spent prepare data, 20% of time spent complain about need for prepare data.”

Big Data Borat

EvolvNet is like a Swiss army knife for working with data and information assets. Reach for us when faced with complex data management challenges like turning chaotic, unstructured data into useful information.

Most of our work falls into the following categories…

Data Management
EvolvNet does all aspects of data management—from acquisition, to clean-up, to coding, to structuring, to visualization and more.

Market Research & Analysis
From benchmarking, to market & pricing analysis—EvolvNet will deliver the information and data necessary to successfully meet your organization’s most demanding market research & analytical challenges.
Document Management
From document archiving, to document conversion, processing, retrieval and more—EvolvNet will help you transform dispersed document collections into a structured, organized and searchable information library.

MediaWiki Development
We love MediaWiki. From content migration to portal development—EvolvNet will help make your wiki come alive.

Data Management

Data, and the information it contains is perhaps—apart from its people—an organization’s most valuable asset. EvolvNet’s mission is to help our clients maximize that value.

Data Analysis
EvolvNet begins by inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision making.

Data Architecture
EvolvNet will help you identify and define your organization’s relevant data entities so that they are complete, consistent, and understandable.

Data Cleansing
Otherwise known as “data cleaning” or “data scrubbing.” EvolvNet will detect and correct corrupt or inaccurate records from your record set, table, or database. We will identify incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate and/or irrelevant data and correct all data deficiencies.

Data Coding
Turning data in to useful, actionable information often means accurate coding of those data assets.

Data Mining
EvolvNet will help you extract valuable information from large data sets, and transform the results into a coherent structure.

Data Modeling
Organizations are more successful and make better business decisions when data is properly modeled. EvolvNet will ensure that your data is correctly and consistently named, defined, understood and documented in a precise language to foster coherent communication throughout your organization.

Data Scraping
Most organizations have a significant volume of valuable information locked up in hard-to-reach places—PDFs, document images, etc. At EvolvNet, we specialize in unlocking that value.

Data Structuring
We’ll structure your data so it’s organized, accessible and can be efficiently used.

Data Visualization
What is your data telling you? EvolvNet ties the relationships your data contains into understandable, interactive presentations that effectively convey what all that data actually means.

Metadata Coding
We will help your organization apply the appropriate structural and descriptive metadata to your data elements and information assets.

Text & Information Extraction
We’ll help your organization turn unstructured data into structured and useful information.

Text Retrieval
EvolvNet can architect text retrieval systems and methods that allow your organization to quickly and efficiently perform full-text searches on hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of documents.

Web Scraping
EvolvNet will help you find, acquire and transform data from unstructured and chaotic web content into structured, comprehensible and useful information.

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Market Research & Analysis

Making sense of a flood of constantly changing and often confusing information is always a tough challenge. EvolvNet can help.

Where does your organization rank in relation to similar organizations in your sector?

Business Intelligence
Analysis of your organization’s internal data assets as those assets relate to your business processes.

Competitive Intelligence
Analysis of your organization’s competitive challenges by defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about all aspects of the environment needed to support your organization’s decision-makers.

Market Analysis
Gathering and presenting the information necessary to gain clear insight of your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to better inform organizational strategic and planning activities.

Pricing Analysis
Examine, compare and evaluate vendor pricing proposals in the lead up to a pricing agreement.

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Document Management

Do you have thousands of documents, invoices, proposals, notes, images and other data sources that you need to organize into a clear, consistent structure? EvolvNet can help. We will help you quickly and efficiently locate, identify, gather and process your information assets into a coherent and structured repository.

Content Migration
Platforms change. Perhaps it has dawned on you that the data, documents and other information assets now contained in that creaky, ’90s-era intranet must find a new home in a more sophisticated document management system. EvolvNet excels at making such a transition as pain-free as possible.

Document Archiving
We can help your organization archive your data assets in an organized, searchable and discoverable document management environment.

Document Conversion
We specialize in turning data locked in inaccessible document formats into clean, structured and accessible data.

Document Processing
Most organizations have troves of valuable information locked away in scanned PDFs and other hard-to-access formats. EvolvNet specializes in extracting trapped data and turning it into accessible information.

Document Retrieval
We know how to quickly obtain the document you’re looking for in a sea of unstructured information assets.

Records Management
We help our clients identify, classify, prioritize, store, secure, archive, preserve, retrieve, track and even purge their documents, records and other information assets.

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