A Passion For Wikis

MediaWiki Development

Getting around a wiki and locating the content you want is not always obvious. A well-crafted wiki portal can tie related content together, making it highly accessible and easy to locate.

EvolvNet designs, builds and maintains portals, communities, information hubs and intranets based on the MediaWiki platform.

We’ve installed, administered, upgraded and maintained several public and private wikis, including Portland.wiki, the city wiki for Portland, Oregon.

We are passionate about wikis, MediaWiki in particular. MediaWiki powers Wikipedia, the world’s largest wiki. This powerful information management and collaborative development tool is also the primary wiki platform used all over the globe.

Our MediaWiki expertise includes:

  • Wiki portal development
  • Template development
  • Extension installation and modification
  • Security and spam control
  • Content integration and development

Contact Dave Myers to see how we can put our passion for wikis to work for you.

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