EvolvNet | Data Management Services

Research, Acquisition, Analysis, Structure, Delivery

At EvolvNet, we love working with information & data. We specialize in finding hard-to-find data, and getting hard-to-get data. We sort through oceans of chaotic data and pluck out useful information.

We collect, extract, retrieve, format, clean, process, integrate, archive and code data. We structure and make sense of data. We turn raw, unstructured data into useful, actionable information.

We work with clients in logistics, energy, utility, environmental services, publishing, advertising and healthcare sectors—just to name a few. Our clients include non-profits, governmental & non-governmental organizations, large and small businesses, and community organizations.

We’re comfortable with multiple technology platforms, and work with clients both on- and off-site.

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Q: Is the data you want locked away in tough-to-get places?
A: EvolvNet excels at finding, extracting, cleaning, structuring and delivering that data you’re after—whether it’s embedded in hundreds of scanned PDFs, scattered throughout thousands of documents, or buried in hundreds of folders scattered all over your network. If it exists, we’ll get it for you.

Q: Do you have all kinds of documents located in hundreds of places that you want to bring into a manageable, coherent structure?
A: We love this kind of work. EvolvNet will quickly and efficiently organize your most chaotic document assets.

Q: Is your organization entering contract negotiations with a major supplier, and you need to produce a detailed, in-depth pricing analysis?
A: EvolvNet is your go-to resource! We’ve conducted comprehensive pricing analyses for Fortune 500 firms and large retailers that have resulted in successful negotiations and significant cost reductions. We can do the same for your organization.