About EvolvNet

Turn to EvolvNet for your organization’s most tedious and time-consuming data acquisition and processing needs. We’ll handle your more labor-intensive data management tasks so you can let your data scientists and subject matter experts focus on the work they are uniquely qualified for.

From Trash to Treasure

At EvolvNet, we specialize in the “unsexy” tasks of data management. The tasks that cause data scientists “80% of time spent prepare data, 20% of time spent complain about need for prepare data,” according to Big Data Borat.

In the real world, data is usually messy, malformed, inconsistent and full of errors. Crucial data elements are missing, hard to find and tough to get at. At EvolvNet, we love the tedious tasks of sorting out the good from the bad and the just plain ugly—and making it all good. From simple data entry to complex data pre-processing, we’ll transform your chaotic, multidimensional data into useful business intelligence.

Our clients include marketing managers, senior economists, business department heads, logistics professionals and data scientists. Industry sectors we work with include logistics, energy, utility, environmental services, publishing, advertising, healthcare and creative—just to name a few. Organizations we work with include non-profits, governmental & non-governmental organizations, large and small businesses, labor unions and community organizations.

We have hands-on experience with wide array of knowledge management systems, web applications, and file storage platforms. Our wide-ranging, multi-disciplined background includes analytical research, business intelligence, publishing, creative development, product marketing and project management. We deliver clear, concise analysis and actionable reports.

Additional services we provide include industry analysis, market research, business intelligence, benchmarking, due diligence, pricing analysis, document management and much more.

Sources & Methods

We love immersing ourselves in data. We are highly skilled at efficiently collecting, managing, organizing, structuring, reporting and presenting all types of data. We are comfortable working with data from multiple sources. They include…

Internal Sources— intranets, databases, network drives, digital & hard-copy archives and more

External Sources— websites, media repositories, public databases, research papers & reports and more

Methods—We sort through and process data using a variety of commonly available tools, ranging from spreadsheets, fusion tables and text editors, to analysis & wrangling tools like OpenRefine and Data Wrangler, and methods like regular expressions, batch files, programmatic scripts and database queries.

Much of the value we deliver to our customers is accomplished through intelligent use of spreadsheet formulas, functions and macros, clearly written web search queries, content transfer utilities like cURL and Wget, and savvy use of command-line environments like PowerShell, Secure Shell and Command Prompt.

EvolvNet is not a replacement for your organization’s Ph.D.s, data scientists, database engineers or subject matter experts. We add value when the task requires more than simple data entry, but less than pure data science—tasks involving lots of manual searching, data extraction, parsing, cleansing, structuring and so on.

We’re comfortable with multiple technology platforms, and work with clients both on- and off-site. We’ll use the right tool to get the job done—quickly, accurately and within budget.

Contact EvolvNet today to discuss how our data management expertise can benefit your organization.

Recent Projects

The following are a sampling of projects we’ve successfully completed.

Client Work Performed
Oregon Business Magazine

Research Editor: Collected, compiled and processed survey data from hundreds of business participants—and several thousand of their associated employees—to prepare the magazine’s 100 Best Companies survey. Rewrote hundreds of Excel formulas used to calculate survey data, significantly improving data accuracy and integrity. Rewrote numerous FileMaker Pro database functions to improve accuracy and performance. Formatted survey data into multiple charts to produce high-value survey reports. Conducted multiple phone interviews to produce original reporting for the 100 Best Companies feature story.

NW Natural (NWN)

Business Continuity Analysis: Key role in developing an organization-wide business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Major emphasis on research, business analysis and plan development. Primary focus on requirements analysis, recovery facility analysis, information management and knowledge transfer. Created multiple SharePoint work-spaces. Developed multiple complex Excel data consolidation dashboards and workbooks.

Project Support Analysis: Conducted market and commercial account research. Processed multiple data sources to identify market trends. Responsible for data collection, presentation, clean-up, processing & analysis. Extensive use of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

American Tinnitus Association (ATA)

Web Development & Content Editing: Migrated content from legacy Drupal 6 website to Drupal 7 platform. Module, structure, menu and block configuration and site build-out. Content creation: research, technical writing, editing. Prepared data sets for migration from legacy ListMaster database to Salesforce platform. Data acquisition, cleanup and analysis.

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

Research Analysis: Healthcare provider data research, collection, verification, augmentation and clean-up from multiple data sources. Confirmed data accuracy through informational gathering interviews with healthcare providers.

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA)

Data Analysis & Document Management: Performed vendor assessment analysis. Subcontractor research & analysis. Audited invoices. Conducted contractor pricing analysis. Developed procedures for document processing and records archival.

Research Analysis & Data Management: Document collection, processing, archival. Subcontractor research & analysis. Document & content migration: Atlassian Confluence wiki to Microsoft SharePoint document management system.

Market Research Analysis: Extensive market research. Multiphase data collection, clean-up, processing & analysis. Excel dashboard design, programming & development.

Advance Central Services
(Oregonian’s Accounting & Circulation Division)

Accounting Technician: Conducted data reconciliation from two separate customer databases and tertiary data sources to ensure data quality. Wrote data reconciliation standard work instructions. Improved reconciliation procedure, cutting time spent on each operation by one-third.

XPO Logistics (Formerly Menlo Worldwide)

Rate & Freight Pay Analysis: Analyzed and verified shipping rate agreements. Processed new and supplemental shipping rate requests. Loaded lane, accessorial and fuel rates into one of several Oracle-based transportation management systems, and wrote standard work instructions for those systems. Researched, analyzed, and investigated errors on freight invoices and customer contracts.


Contract Analysis: Evaluated multiple domestic and international logistics providers in preparation for new contract negotiations. Multiphase data collection, clean-up, processing & analysis. Market research & analysis. Multi-carrier logistics & pricing analysis. Currency analysis. Excel dashboard design & development. Multi-carrier price rating engine design. International & intra-regional logistics analysis. Key role in contract negotiations that resulted in $21 million in cost savings.

J&R Music World

Contract Analysis: Multiphase data collection, clean-up, processing & analysis. Small parcel carrier negotiations.